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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 10 - FOB Spectre (Tutorial)

Check out part 11 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through FOB Spectre.


Section: Admiral on deck!

Adm. Briggs: Thank you, Commander Mason.

Check out this beauty, Chairman Tian Zhao, leader of China's military. The head of the SDC coalition's armed forces. Cocksucker plays hardball, even with China's government. They have as much control over him as we do. This cat walks alone.

Chairman Zhao's squeezing Russia's balls real tight, Commander.

Section: If Russia caves in and joins SDC, they'd be the largest military force on the planet. Which is precisely what Menendez wants...setting up the superpowers to wipe each other out.

Right now, Iran and India are both under threat. SDC's making their move. Time for JSOC to step up.

Commander: Their initial strike caught us off guard, and crippled our primary defenses. We held them off, but our regiment was decimated. We cannot withstand another attack.

Adm: Briggs: Was it SDC, Commander?

Commander: We were hit by ground and air drones.

Section: FOB Spectre is vital to securing India's northern border. For rapid response, our only option is to HALO in.

The enemy's primary objective will be to smash the defense grid by targeting power generators and the satellite uplinks. If the grid goes down, there's nothing to stop them from penetrating the main control room.

If that happens, FOB Spectre is down and it's open season on India.

Section: Helmet cam feed is good. All units stand by.

Okay. I want to run through a few systems checks and training maneuvers. Let's make sure we've got this down before we do it for real.

I want a function check on CLAW OPCON. Standby.

Soldier: Direct CLAW control established. All looks good.

Section: Let's run check on infantry tan feed.

Infantry and the direct command.

Soldier: Infantry have a green light confirmed.

Section: Let me check turret camera functionality.

Soldier: Turret control confirmed.

Section: Turret OPCON confirmed.

Section: Checking NAO SAT feed. Switching to tactical map.

I wanna make sure the CLAW's waypoint pathlink is good.

CLAW Units advance into position. Perfect.

Okay. I wanna run through some basic infantry maneuvers.

Soldier: Moving to Moor 20 point

Section: Good. Let's try it with all forces.

Good job.

Let's do one more infantry cam feed check.

Confirmed. Cam feed is good.

Okay. We'll drop a dummy drone into the AO

Soldier: Firing on enemy NASD's.

Section: Stand by for targeting exercise.

Let me double check the tactical overview feed.

Selected units stand by for target.

Move to engage.

Move to destroy enemy NASD's.

Soldier: Firing on enemy NASD's.

Section: All units, move to engage.

Fire on enemy NASD's.

Soldier: Enemy NASD kill confirmed.

Section: One more enemy infantry maneuvers checked, just to be sure.

Helmet cam link established.

Advance on marker.

Looking good.

All right. I think we've got this down.

Good work, people.

Soldier: Wait point established. Moving out.

Section: Next time we do this, it'll be for real.

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