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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 14 - Time and Fate

Check out part 15 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Time and Fate.


[Foreign language]

Menendez: Josefina! Hold on, I'm coming.

[Foreign language]

Man: Menendez, [foreign language].

Menendez: Josefina, [foreign language]

[foreign language]

Menendez: Hold on!

[foreign language]

Menendez: Josefina!

[foreign language]

Menendez: [Foreign language], Josefina, [foreign language].

Woods: Menendez!

Section: Menendez's sister Josefina died in the blast? Who threw the grenade?

Woods: I had no idea she was there, David. I just saw Menendez and I lost my shit.

Section: Frank, you don't lose your shit. What the fuck did Menendez do to you in Angola?

Woods: Menendez, he wanted to know what the CIA had on him. He tortured my men in front of me, thought I'd break. One-by-one, I watched my team die. Then he dumped us in a tin can and locked the door. Left me in there for weeks. So yeah, next time I saw Menendez, I lost my shit! What the fuck would you do?

Mason: Who's the girl?

Hudson: Doesn't matter. She's not a target.

Woods: Probably just a whore.

Mason: Noriega's men are moving in. Let's go.

Woods: All right, about fucking time.

Mason: Heavy fighting up ahead!

Hudson: Noriega's men are pushing across the riverbed!

Woods: I ain't keen on fighting alongside these bastards.

Hudson: Trust me, Woods. The Cartel boys are hardcore. You're gonna be glad they're here. MG on the window! Building on the right!

Woods: Guys posted at the rooftops!

Mason: On me!

Woods: Right behind you brother!

[foreign language]

Woods: Check your fire! We got civilians!

Hudson: Watch the balcony!

[foreign language]

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