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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 16 - Time and Fate

Check out part 17 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Shipwreck.


[Foreign language]

Hudson: That's the last of them. Woods, Mason, coke lab's in the basement. Clear it out, grab any intel relating to the Menendez cartel.

Woods: If you capture him, you bring him to me. I'll make that prick talk.

Hudson: You have your orders, Sergeant.

[Foreign language]

Hudson: Mason. Keep an eye on Woods. Seeing Menendez again, he's losing it.

Mason: He's okay, Hudson. I got his back.

Woods: Let's make this quick. I don't wanna miss something bagging the real prize. You ready Mason?

[Foreign language]

Woods: Grab any evidence before they burn this place to the ground!

[Foreign language]

Woods: Come on, Mason!

[Foreign language]

Woods: Fucking junkies. Hudson, you scoped that son of a bitch yet?

Hudson: He's inside the house. We're moving on him now.

Woods: On my way!

Hudson: Negative, Woods. We have the situation under control.

Mason: Damn, Woods. Woods?

Woods: Hustle, Mason, I'm not letting this bastard escape!

Mason: Slow down!

Woods: Menendez!

Mason: Woods! No!

[Foreign language]

Mason: Frank, are you okay?

Hudson: Get him out of here.

Mason: What happened, Hudson? Where's Menendez?

Hudson: That's him, in the body bag.

Hudson: From this point on, today never happened.

Woods: You let the PDF walk off with the body and now he's back. He's pretty pissed off too.

Section: He sure can't kill my old man. Because somebody already beat him to it, a long time. But he could've killed you. So why are you still alive, Frank?

Menendez: Now it begins.

Woods: I'm done talking. Go find that maniac.

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