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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 19 - Fallen Angel

Check out part 20 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Fallen Angel.


Briggs: Known only as DeFalco. Our undercover operative shot this off of Socotra Island, Yemen. Farid.

Farid: Thank you, Admiral. DeFalco is Menendez's number two. The concept of empathy is understood by him, but irrelevant.

Briggs: A whisper drone captured this two days ago, at an abandoned prison in Lahore, Pakistan.

Harper: We lost contact with a reconnaissance drone over Pakistan last week.

Section: Wait a minute. The scientist we captured at Myanmar told us Menendez is using Celerium to develop a cyber weapon called Karma. What if it's Karma taking out our drones?

Harper: You know what? This DeFalco guy could be fairly entertaining.

Salazar: Fairly?

Harper: What do you say we blow off a little steam, huh? Throw a few punches first?

Section: You got it.

Harper: Come on. Come suffer with me.

Section: What did you just say? Come suffer, what? These flashes I'm getting... I know I was kidnapped the night my father died, but I could never see... It was Menendez. Did he kill my father? Okay, look, you know Woods raised me after my father died, right? But Woods always told me it was some nut that did it, some drifter. What the hell's going on?

Menendez: You suffer with me. For all the sins of those who came before you.

Section: Why didn't Woods tell me?

Menendez: Woods, Hudson. They created this. For Josefina. Tonight your father will die!

Harper: ISI got us pinned down! Come on, we need this thing up and running, today!

Section: I'm trying!

Harper: Your GCM must be stuck!

Salazar: They're closing in!

Harper: There! Unstuck!

Section: CLAW units are active! Weapon systems online!

Salazar: Grenade! Move!

Harper: Start marking targets. Let's see what this bastard can do.

Salazar: More ISI!

Harper: Let the CLAWs take point! Stay behind the heavy guns.

Salazar: Drone support!

Harper: Take down that drone! Get back, Section! Anthem's two clicks southeast of our position.

Section: The CLAWs are bugging out in the deep water. Salazar, Crosby, get them to higher ground. We'll regroup at Anthem.

Harper: ISI troops are taking position across the whole damn street!

Salazar: Section! To the roof!

Harper: Use anything for cover! Watch yourself, Section!

Section: Take Brutus and Maximus up top to provide cover fire while we push through the street.

Harper: Find cover!

Salazar: Section, Brutus and Maximus are in position.

Harper: Call them in, Section! Mark the targets for the CLAWs! Shop front, right side! All right!

Salazar: Section, you're moving out of the CLAW's line of sight. You're on your own.

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