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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 20 - Fallen Angel

Check out part 21 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Fallen Angel.


Section: Roger that, Salazar. We'll regroup at Anthem.

Harper: More ISI! Headed right for us! What the hell is that noise? Come on! Get over here, man! We got to get off the street! Push hard! Push! One, two, three. Push! Oh shit. That was a close one, huh? Still got my balls. How about you? Let's go. Anthem's just up the way. Come on. What a fucking mess. Obviously these folks weren't prepared for the flooding. Looks like they've just been left to fend for themselves. Not good. Not good. Don't move. We got a drone scouting the area. Shit! It will rip us to shreds if it spots us. Those drones are acting as death squads. Executing looters. It's turning around. Oh, I'm watching you. Okay, go! Careful, man. Stick to the shadows. Let's go! Move before it sees you! Hold up, we got ISI posted at the sewer entrance. Take the guy on the right. Other ones mine. We're clear. Move up. These sewers run right under Anthem. Talk about dirty jobs.

Salazar: Section in position. Train yard. Lot of activity.

Section: Monitor the area. Keep me updated!

Harper: You hear that? They're talking about new Soc-Ts over by the train yard. We better keep moving.

Section: Salazar, The ISI have taken delivery of some new SOC-Ts near your position.

Salazar: Understood. Menendez is here. Main courtyard with ISI leader.

Section: I'll contact Briggs. Admiral, we're in position.

Briggs: Well done Commander. I'm patching you through Anthem's interior schematics. Now your best vantage point is going to be here, overlooking the courtyard. CLAWs will flank you on your infiltration route. These boys are all you got. So if you lose one of them, you're on your own. And you keep your eye on patrolling drones, son. If that cocksucker gets a bead on you, you can run but you'll die tired.

Section: If I choose to run Admiral, it will be right at him.

Briggs: Good luck, Commander.

Harper: The rooftop will give us a better vantage point to locate Menendez.

Section: Secure ropes.

Harper: Activity's ahead. Looks like we're on the right track. Let's go. Take the one on the right. On your go.

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