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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 21 - Fallen Angel

Check out part 22 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Fallen Angel.


Harper: Okay, Section. Ready with the scanner? No shortage of suspects. We know he's here somewhere. Keep looking until you find him.

ISI Leader: This city crumbles around us, but the government pretends like everything is under control.

Menendez: They care nothing for the suffering of their people. Neither do the Americans, or the Chinese.

ISI Leader: They care. They care for their own interest, nothing more.

Menendez: Believe me, my friend. Your help will ensure the complacency of the Imperialists comes to an end.

Section: They're moving out of range. Can't get a clear signal.

Harper: Come on. We'll find a better vantage point. Stay out of the spotlight, man. Get down, man. Here they come. Better get low. They're talking about the downed drone.

ISI Leader: Could they know you just met with Tian Zhao?

Menendez: Of course. The Americans are always watching me.

ISI Leader: They know even less than they think they do.

Section: Damn it. They're moving out of range again.

Harper: Let's go. Here comes Menendez. Yeah, looks like he's meeting someone else.

Section: DeFalco.

DeFalco: After today's agreement, everything is now in place.

Menendez: [Foreign language]

DeFalco: Indeed. He will in meet you in Peshawar, northern Pakistan.

Menendez: [Foreign language]

DeFalco: I will handle it personally.

Menendez: [Foreign language], DeFalco.

Harper: These drones are really pissing me off. Let's get going. Come on. In here! Let it pass. Let's go, now! We can't lose Menendez. Ah, damn it! Where the fuck did he go?

Section: Salazar, we've lost Menendez near your position. Can you eyeball him?

Salazar: Got him. He's entering the train yard, south side.

Section: Did you secure transport for evac?

Salazar: Not yet. Area's a little too hot.

Section: Stay on it.

Harper: These guys are in our way. Come on. Train yard's this way. Let's go.

ISI Leader: The drone, very different from the other models. Extracting the central computer is not a simple task. A series of security barriers are directly linked to the unit's self destruct mechanism.

Menendez: Such things are not a concern. The meeting on June 17th will resolve any remaining barriers to our success.

Harper: Ain't getting anything else with that train in the way. Let's move. At one point in time, the CIA had interrogation rooms like this all over the world. All of 'em was geared towards some sort of psychological manipulation. God knows the kind of shit that went down back then. Looks like we got to get wet again.

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