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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 24 - Karma

Check out part 25 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Karma.


Harper: China would pay billions to get their hands on this drone.

Section: Good karma.

Harper: The cyber weapon.

Section: Wait, there, right there. You see that? Cross reference image with active US corporate logos.

Computer: No matches.

Section: Cross reference worldwide.

Harper: Wait a minute, wait a minute, it's Colossus. Karma weapons on a floating city.

Section: That's how they got so close to the mainland. Salazar, prep a covert response team ready to go in 60 minutes. Inform Admiral Briggs. we're getting really close to Menendez. To get the upper hand, I've got to get some answers from the horse's mouth. I'm going to see Woods at the Vault. First things first, Karma.

Control Tower: Icarus 9, you are cleared for landing on Deck 7. Maintain current heading, all looks good.

Pilot: Copy that. Icarus 9 beginning descent.

Section: Comms are open Farid, we're all listening.

Farid: Okay. The ID bands identify you as union inspectors. You'll have access to most areas except the one you actually want. The Central Records Computer is subject to increase security. Access is only permitted via retina scan. That's where Ziggy comes in.

Section: In short, the CRC's our best shot of locating Karma before Defalco's people. Farid, did you manage to access the personal files?

Farid: Not yet, the encryption is very complicated.

Section: You're smart. I have faith in you. Section out.

Salazar: So this is how the 1% live.

Harper: You know if this wasn't an op, I believe I could get myself a little hot chick action here.

Salazar: You're forgetting Pakistan? Your face don't look too good Harper.

Harper: Hey, it's not the face. It's the body they're going to be after. ASDs, you think they're expecting trouble?

Salazar: It's the richest city in the world.

Section: Which makes it a likely target for Raul Menendez.

Farid: Okay, stay cool.

Security: Stay where you are. The scanners detected the presence of hazardous materials.

Man 2: Hey, it's a misunderstanding okay.

Man 3: We're working on the remodeling downstairs, it's probably from the site.

Security: Sir, please remain where you are. Peters, can you come up here? We got a situation.

Harper: Damnit, egghead. I thought we were burn that time.

Farid: Relax Harper. I told you the shielding would work. The scanner couldn't see a thing. Now just show your ID and walk right through.

Harper: Hello ladies, we're from the union. That's it?

Farid: People won't do a whole lot at the Colossus.

Salazar: What is this?

Farid: It's an automated system. It's triggered by your biometric ID.

Salazar: We're all going to hell man.

Harper: Wow! Look at that. This place is unbelievable huh? Hey, what do you figure it'd cost to spend the weekend here?

Section: More than you make in a year.

Harper: No, shit.

Salazar: No wonder Menendez rallies so much support.

Section: Harper, sweep the floor. Salazar and I will proceed to the insertion point.

Harper: Copy that. Whoah, how you doing beautiful?

Female 1: Excuse you creep!

Computer: This floor is restricted to authorized personnel only. Please scan your biometric ID.

Salazar: So far, so good.

Guard: Hey, you shouldn't be in here.

Section: We have union IDs.

Farid: Okay, Section, I'm in.

Section: Go ahead.

Farid: Colossus recently employed Private Military Contractors to augment its regular security team. All ex-Cuban militia.

Section: No shit. We just ran into some of them. All right Ziggy, time to go to work. Harper, the security team's been compromised by PMCs. They're hostile. Watch for anything suspicious. We need to know their objective.

Harper: Understood.

Salazar: Watch the gap coming up. Ziggy can jump across. Wait, what are they doing?

Section: Planting explosives.

Salazar: They're going to blow the ship?

Section: Not before they've secured Karma. Harper, heads up. The Mercs are priming explosives on board.

Harper: I'm tailing some of these guys now. They're heading your way!

Salazar: Okay.

Section: There's our mark.

Salazar: Taze him, Section!

Section: Scanning now.

Militia Guard: What do we have here?

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