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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 26 - Karma

Check out part 27 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Suffer With Me.


Section: We have to leave now, Chloe!

Salazar: Section! At least ten mercs, taking hostages.

DeFalco: Chloe Lynch!

Section: He's got hostages. Hold fire.

DeFalco: Chloe!

Section: Salazar, take the shot.

Salazar: No shot. Too many hostages.

DeFalco: Five seconds, Chloe.

Karma: No!

DeFalco: Open fire!

Harper: Let's kill that sick fuck! Peal left, peal left!

Section: Moving!

Harper: Let's go! The main door's our out!

Section: Last man! Set! DeFalco has Karma! We're in pursuit. We need you to track their movements, Farid. We can't let them get off the ship. Patching into the security camera feeds. Unmarked choppers. Menendez's PMCs, mercenaries. There's dozens of them. Wait, there! Right there. You see that? That's him! That's him! Damn it, I lost the feed. DeFalco's jamming the signals. He's rigged the ship. We move now. Cut him off at the atrium.

Security Guard: What's happening?

Harper: We're U.S. Navy SEALs. Listen, you need to open the armory. Get your guys armed and ready to fight. Hey, hey, hey! Look at me. Focus, all right? You need to get this done.

Security Guard: Okay, okay. The security armory.

Farid: What happened?

Harper: DeFalco detonated a fucking bomb outside the nightclub. He's got the girl.

Section: Patch is into security cameras for this deck. There! He's in the mall, Let's go!

Harper: They really want this Karma chick bad.

Section: Farid! DeFalco's blowing the ship!

Harper: Is that son of a bitch still on board?

Farid: I'm not sure. I can't see.

Harper: We can't let that DeFalco bastard escape! Push through before DeFalco escapes!

Salazar: DeFaclo is getting away.

Harper: Ahhh shit, man! He's getting away! Let's go people! Get out of here! Let's move!

Farid: I have him! Exiting the mall.

Harper: This bastard's really starting to piss me off!

Section: Farid, you have to jam DeFalco's detonator!

Farid: Yeah! I'm working on it!

Section: Get it open. Farid, can you hack an ASD unit at remote station 55?

Farid: Station 55... 55 got it! Set parameters, ID monitor and protect.

Farid: Colossus's defenses are now armed to respond to a terrorist attack. Automated security will target armed personnel as hostile!

Harper: That includes the enemy?

Farid: Any armed personnel.

Harper: At least it's not all bad news.

Salazar: We have to move faster.

Farid: It's the cell phone!

Section: Block the signal.

Farid: Okay, working on it.

Harper: Briggs ain't going to be happy if DeFalco gets Chloe off the ship!

Harper: Keep moving Section. We're loosing ground! We got to move!

Farid: You guys need to pick up the pace! He's nearly at the Evac deck. DeFalco's gone to a lot of trouble to get this woman. He will not hesitate to send Colossus to the bottom of the ocean just to cover his tracks.

Section: We need to get back to the Obama. Find out why the girl's so important to Menendez.

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