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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 28 - Suffer With Me

Check out part 29 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Suffer With Me.


Section: Commander Mason, for Sergeant Woods.

Woods: I gotcha kid. You're okay. What took you so long? Started thinking you weren't gonna make it.

Section: What the fuck was I doing there?

Woods: The dead don't suffer. That's why you and I are still here.

Menendez: You suffer with me.

Woods: He's got a plan for you kid. He's been working on it for 30 years and he's counting on you, coming after him.

Section: Wait a minute, Frank, you have intel?

Woods: Remember that pendant? Disappeared. What do you think, it just sprouted legs and walked away? This guy, he knows every angle, every move you're gonna make. He's gonna take out 20 to 30 million people. As if that's gonna bring her back. It's about his sister.

Section: He killed my father, to get to you.

Woods: There isn't a clean shot with that guy...

Section: Hey! What the fuck happened in Panama?

Woods: I was pretty sure we got him in Nicaragua. About a year later, he shows up in Panama with that piece of shit Noriega. That's the last straw for the CIA. The orders come down from George H. W. for a snatch and grab. So your dad and I, we go in. What a shit show.

Jane: I am calm!

Woods: Mason.

Mason: Woods. Good to see you, Frank.

Woods: You too Alex.

Jane: We've been married for five years! When do we start a family?

McKnight: Go around back. She's so fucking pissed. Family? I thought this was about tomorrow?

Jane: It's about everything, Mark! I need something more of my life besides sitting around waiting to see what godforsaken country you're gonna move us to next!

Mason: Come on Frank.

Jane: It is not enough, Mark! Not enough!

McKnight: Hey, guys.

Woods: Hey, McKnight. You got the stuff?

McKnight: Yeah. Grab the sports bag in the shed.

Mason: Wife doesn't seem too happy. You didn't tell her about the invasion, did you?

McKnight: Nope. Seems like I'm the only one who didn't. She heard it from Jacob's wife, and Steve's, and Bill's. Can you imagine how that made me look?

Woods: Why the fuck aren't we killing this guy, huh? After all that shit he pulled in Nicaragua?

Mason: Higher-ups are sick of his scheming, but they want him alive.

Woods: This shit don't sound right.

McKnight: Okay. Manuel Noriega, hereforth known as OBJECTIVE FALSE PROFIT. It's a standard grab and smear operation. Destroy his public reputation, and minimize the chance of any uprisings in his name. The invasion will draw attention away as we go in with Navy SEALs.

Mason: Then we're all set.

McKnight: Yup. come on, I'll walk you guys out.

Mason: Thanks for the beer, McKnight.

McKnight: I took the liberty of looking over some of your old case files. All that shit with the numbers, you really get brainwashed by the Soviets?

Mason: Yeah, they gave it their best shot.

McKnight: Dammit!

Mason: They're just kids, McKnight. They ain't worth it.

McKnight: Yeah, I guess you're right. Welcome to Panama, guys.

Woods: The mission was good, planning good. The only piece that didn't fit was Hudson, on the comm link running the show. It just felt off, even on the way in, I felt it. You know it was gnawing at me, I just didn't look at it.

Mason: Hudson, it's Mason. The bombing's begun ahead of schedule. Something you want to tell us?

Soldier: Ten seconds out. Five Seconds. Go, go!

Mason: Hudson, do you copy? There's no response. Continue as planned. McKnight, it's Mason. We're in.

McKnight: SEAL teams will secure the airfield and PDF Central HQ to prevent False Profit's escape. I'll provide overwatch from Building 12 off the battle map.

Mason: Didn't Hudson nix that plan?

McKnight: If he did, he didn't tell me. Good luck, Mason. McKnight out.

Mason: Take him, Woods.

Woods: Psst!

Mason: Flare! You know what they say, if you're gonna fuck up, get it outta the way early!

McKnight: Mason. It's McKnight. I'm in position on building 10. We have PDF units posted all over the airfield. Golf is walking into a trap. I've tried to warn them, but comms are bugging out.

Mason: We're on our way. Mason out.

Woods: What about False Profit?

Mason: Awaiting Hudson's go. CIA's watching his every move. I don't think he's going very far. We need the high ground. Golf Team, this is Mason. Ready to assist. Request cease fire as we clear the roof top. Damn. Still problems with comms. Incoming! Left side!

McKnight: I got you covered!

Mason: Come on, Woods. We go anyway.

McKnight: Focus on supporting the SEALs!

Mason: Golf Team, this is Mason in the blind. Rooftop is clear. Check your fire. We are entering through the skylight. PDF! Right below us!

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