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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 29 - Suffer With Me

Check out part 30 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Suffer With Me.


Woods: Noriega's plane is fucking ready to go!

Mason: Woods! Hit it with an RPG! Woods, Get on it!

Woods: Dammit! Multiple enemies! Ground level!

Mason: RPG! Second floor!

Hudson: Mason. It's Hudson.

Mason: Where the hell have you been? Hudson? Hudson? Hudson?

Hudson: We have confirmation on location of False Profit. Adelina Hotel, Room 225, move to secure. Hudson out.

McKnight: I have visual. Multiple targets outside the hotel. Leave them to me. You're clear.

Mason: 225's upstairs, 2nd deck, East side. On me, ready Woods?

Woods: Let's do it.

Mason: Secure him.

Woods: Give me a reason to blow your head off. Come on.

Noriega: What are you doing?

Mason: Sealing your reputation.

Noriega: This is not the deal. Call your boss.

Woods: Put your ass in the chair.

Mason: Hudson, It's Mason.

Hudson: Go ahead, Mason.

Mason: False Profit secure. Moving to extract.

Hudson: No, negative. Standby for new tasking. Objective False Profit has intel on a priority Nexus target. Escort him as PC to alternate location for prisoner exchange, more to follow.

Mason: Precious cargo, my ass.

Woods: Nexus target? Who's more important than this asshole?

Mason: I don't like it either, but let's just get this done. We're burning too much time.

Kravchenko: He even has people in the CIA.

Woods: Fucking Kravchenko! Remember what he said in Afghanistan?

Mason: There's something else going on here Woods.

Woods: The mission was snatch and grab. Then fucking Hudson gets on the radio, says that Noriega is not the mission. He's a hand off. He's a prisoner swap. And right fucking then I should have known and right then and there. I should have known right then and there. Like, what the fuck is wrong with me! What the fuck!

Section: Frank, just take it easy. Just take it easy.

Woods: That Hudson, I should have smoked him in 'Nam.

Mason: The bastards don't treat civis any better than in Nicaragua.

Woods: They're amped out of their minds on drugs.

Mason: Take them down. I'll keep the garbage in check.

Woods: Come on, you sick fucking bastards! Get out of here! Go back to your homes and stay inside!

Hudson: Mason, do you still have the precious cargo?

Mason: Affirmative.

Hudson: Proceed to the Army checkpoint beyond the slums. You'll be directed to the Nexus prisoner exchange site.

Noriega: The slums are a warzone. I must be allowed to protect myself. Give me a weapon.

Hudson: Give him what he wants Mason. That's an order. Hudson out.

Mason: Damn it.

Noriega: What are you doing?

Mason: You asked for a weapon. You didn't say anything about ammo. Better for all of us if no one recognizes you. Now, move! Woods, take point. I'll keep Noriega in check.

Woods: US forces are pushing into the city. Invasion's in full swing.

Mason: We push north. Watch for friendlies and local non-combatants.

Woods: We got infantry all around! Stay in cover!

Mason: Take whatever route you can. Don't worry if we get split up. I'll handle Noriega, move on my go.

Mason: Don't fucking move, you piece of shit! Alright, let's go into the park!

Woods: We got heavy fighting on our left! Stay right of the dome!

Mason: Shit! This side's no better!

Woods: Push through! Don't get bogged down! Keep your head down and keep moving!

Mason: Which way? Which way??

Noriega: There is a church!

Mason: Push through the churchyard! Go! Our boys are pushing from the west.

Woods: Stay the fuck out of their way!

Mason: Come on, go!

Woods: Now what?

Noriega: There! Through the hospital building!

Woods: Come on Mason, I've had just about enough of this asshole.

Section: Did he out go out like a soldier? Don't you tell me that fat fucking slob took him out. Don't you tell me that!

Woods: It didn't go down like that kid. Noriega was a puppet. We're all just puppets.

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