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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 30 - Suffer With Me

Check out part 31 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Achilles' Veil.


Woods: This place is a fucking mess.

Mason: It wasn't much better before the raid. Hudson, it's Mason. We're almost at the checkpoint, just a couple more blocks. Hudson? Damn it. I don't know what the hell's going on with comms Woods.

Woods: Don't sweat it Mason. Tech's always screwing up.

Mason:Do you hear that?

Woods: She's hurt bad, Mason.

Mason: Shit! Noriega's running!

Militia: Where did they--

US Soldier 1: The gunshots came from inside.

Woods: We gotta get after him!

US Soldier 2: Did another team move through this building?

Mason: I knew we were giving that son of a bitch too much freedom.

US Soldier 1: Don't think so.

US Soldier 2: Call it in.

US Soldier 1: I wanna know for sure before we bring in air support.

US Soldier 3: Shit! We got a man down. Get a medic!

US soldier 4: Holy shit. Where did that come from?

Noriega: Help me! Help!

US Soldier 5: On the ledge, fourth floor!

US Soldier 6: Fuck! They went into the building! Odin One-Two, immediate fire request, west sector. Marking target with strobe! Everyone clear out!

Woods: From this point on, you don't even fucking breathe unless we say it's okay.

Noriega: Go to hell.

Mason: Hell? We've already been.

Woods: Move! Gunship strike inbound!

Mason: Come on! Move! Okay, checkpoint's up ahead.

Woods: Good. I can't wait till this asshole is someone else's problem.

Mason: Yes.

Hudson: Mason?

Mason: Hudson! Where the hell have you been?

Hudson: Are you at the checkpoint?

US Soldier: Sirs, your transportation's ready. This way sir.

Hudson: Do you still have the precious cargo?

Mason: Yes, but who the hell is Nexus target? What's more important than objective False Profit?

Hudson: You have to trust me Mason. You have to. Hudson out.

Woods: I may have questioned orders, but I never questioned motives. You take care of your unit, you get your guys home safe.

Section: Roger that, Frank.

Woods: That's not how it is. Chain of command's fucked. I'm a soldier. I take orders and I get shit done.

Mason: Woods, you in position?

Woods: I'm moving to the roof of the south building.

Mason: On top of the west building I have a clear LOS on the courtyard.

Woods: Fucking comms.

Noriega: This way. Everything is ready. No one must know I betrayed him.

Woods: Him? Hudson, who is Nexus Target? Hudson?

Hudson: It's him Woods. Nexus target is Raul Menendez.

Woods: You should have told us Hudson. You should have told us.

Noriega: We are ready. Bring him out.

Woods: They're bringing the son of a bitch out.

Hudson: Confirm visual.

Kravchenko: He even has people in the CIA.

Hudson: End this now Woods.

Woods: What are you looking so smug about? What the fuck is going on What's going on here? No, no, no, no, no, no. Mason!

Noriega: Fool.

Woods: You bastard. Fuck! Menendez!

Menendez: Your best friend Alex Mason is dead by your own hand. Do you understand why?

Hudson: He was gonna kill David.

Menendez: Because you must suffer as I have suffered! Now one more must die. You, Woods or David. Make a decision now or in ten seconds you're all dead!

Hudson: Woods, I can't, I have two kids, they... Fuck! Okay, me! Do it! Do it!

Menendez: Your life will be consumed by absolute loss. Then and only then will you understand what you have done to me. I will not kill you boy. Now like Woods, you suffer with me. And then one day you will see this pendant again, and you remember everything you saw and felt tonight. You will remember all the years of anger and pain. And when you do David, please come to me.

Section: There's nothing you could've done Frank. It wasn't your fault.

Woods: Me and your old man, we were the best and we still couldn't stop him.

Section: Times have changed old man. He's going down.

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