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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 32 - Achilles' Veil

Check out part 33 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Achilles' Veil.


Section: Did you do it?

Chloe: I'm in.

Salazar: Fucking A, sister.

Chloe: You don't understand. Right before I quit Tacitus, I created a Celerium worm which could decrypt anything. Quantum shit don't crack this easy, even for me.

Section: Menendez's network, All countries getting fucked by the new Cold War.

Section: Wait a minute. New York, D.C., the Pentagon. Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong. Menendez is gonna attack America and China, taking out both superpowers at the same time. All those files have the same prefix. 6-1-9. 6-1... Six nineteen... Oh my god. June nineteenth. That's... That's tomorrow.

Salazar: Freedom day. The abolition of slavery.

Section: That son of a bitch. Get me Briggs! Admiral, the cyber attack is 6/19. Tomorrow.

Briggs: We have to move on Yemen right away. No, you have to go in there, capture Menendez for interrogation.

Section: It's a tra--

Briggs: You contact Farid and the Yemeni militia, we need their help.

Section: Admiral, it's a trap! Menendez has been playing us the whole time! If we move on Yemen, that's exactly what he wants us to do!

Briggs: You get your team together. You got two hours.

Harper: Internal comm link established.

Farid: I copy, Harper.

Harper: Our Blue Force Tracking is down, we can't ID you as a friendly. So no matter what happens out there, when the bullets start flying, you CANNOT blow your cover. Just stay cool, we'll get you through this. We're almost ready.

Menendez: We are ready.

Farid: Yes.

Menendez: The Americans are coming, Farid. There is a traitor in our midst.

Farid: But how? Who?

Menendez: It matters not! I am one step ahead of him.

DeFalco: Cordis Die awaits your word.

Menendez: They await their freedom, and they shall have it. Come, Farid. It is time. Cordis Die!

Crowd: Cordis Die! Cordis Die! Cordis Die!

Menendez: Now! We will regroup at the Citadel.

Farid: Harper! Menendez is gone! He left as soon as the shooting started! Menendez knows! I'm sure of it.

Harper: You can't be sure of that. I mean, if he knew you'd be dead already.

Farid: He told me to meet him at the Citadel.

Harper: We can't give him a chance to dig in. Move through the city and re-establish contact. Farid, head south through the market. Good luck. The Yemeni forces will establish a perimeter around the city. Remember, to the Yemeni forces, you're just another terrorist. Engage only if you have no other choice. Egghead, listen to me. You stay strong, my friend, and I promise you, I'll get you through this. Okay?

Farid: Yes.

Harper: You said Menendez is headed for the Citadel! What's the quickest route out of the city?

Farid: The west gate leads to a mountain path on the outskirts.

Harper: Get there. We'll regroup when our VTOLs are in the AO. We're only minutes away, Farid! Just keep moving! You have to find Menendez! Farid, did you locate Menendez?

Farid: Negative!

Harper: Damnit, man. He must have slipped through the Yemeni lines. Farid, I'm seeing movement in the streets below.

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