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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 33 - Achilles' Veil

Check out part 34 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Odysseus.


Menendez: Farid! American blood on your hands, Farid?

Farid: Of course, Menendez. We must get you to safety. We have lost too many men.

Menendez: Victory is not measured by losses, Farid.

Harper: Farid. are you still with me?

Harper: We're hit! We're going down!

Menendez: It is measured by gains.

Harper: Dammit! fuck! I...

Menendez: Here.

Harper: Let go of me!

Menendez: You knew that I would be here. Who betrayed me?

Harper: You're wasting your time, you fucking. bastard! You... you won't get shit from me!

Harper: Come on! Is that all you got? Huh?

Menendez: Farid! Kill him.

Harper: Yeah, that's it! Kill me, Egghead!

DeFalco: Anything wrong, Farid?

Harper: And you, you spineless piece of shit! Getting others to do your dirty work! What kind of man are you? Huh?

Menendez: Show your loyalty by following my orders, Farid!

Harper: Do it, Egghead! Do your job!

Menendez: Now! Farid!

Harper: Do it, man! Come on! You don't got the...

Menendez: You betrayed us, Farid. And for what? To those you serve! You life means nothing!

Section: Harper! Harper, do you copy? Damn it! Something's wrong. Kraken, Linebacker two. Engaging enemy forces en route to downed bird. Push available video of crash site to my HUD. Taking heavy fire from the rooftops! Menendez. Kraken, we have eyes on Menendez. Moving to capture.

Harper: Menendez. The son of a bitch is headed for the Citadel.

Section: Arrange Medevac extraction to get Harper back to the Obama.

Salazar: Salazar on Primary SAT. Multiple Eagles down. Request immediate Medevac. LZ Sparrow.

Section: Kraken, I need to assume OP-CON of the drone fleet in support of capture of Menendez.

Command: Sending codes to your display. Drones retasked to your objective.

Man 1: Drone targeting control, manual override engaged. HUD relay systems enacted.

Section: Split up! Take the high ground! The whole street's a kill zone!

Section: You take the left! I'll take the right Kraken, we believe Menendez is heading for the Citadel. Push all available assets to that grid. Establish blocking positions cutting off their escape. Blocking positions, I need updates on Menendez's location.

Navy SEAL: Sir, enemy forces have formed a defensive perimeter around the citadel. The HVI appears to be inside the downed command VTOL. We're receiving heavy fire from its minigun!

Section: Maintain eyes on, but do not engage. We need him alive.

Pilot: Enemy has quad drones inbound. We are retasking your quad drones to engage.

Section: Kraken, without the drones, we have no support to cover our advance.

Pilot: We are chopping you a containment team to support. They will fast rope insert and link up at the bridge.

Section: Understood. Section out.

Salazar: Containment team is coming down.

Navy SEAL: Sir, five-man team to cover your movement to HVT. We'll pick up rear security. Once you locate Menendez, we'll make the grab. Surround the VTOL. Wait for the go. Moving.

Section: Menendez! Secure him!

Menendez: Thank you, David. Help me seek a newer world.

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