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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 35 - Odysseus

Check out part 36 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Odysseus.


Harper: We got another wave of Jet Wings landing now! I'm trying to take some of the heat off our men!

Section: Stay on it! I'm headed to the bridge. I'll shut down the automated systems from there! Dammit! Admiral Briggs! The auto turrets are tearing our men to shreds!

Briggs: The techs identified local relay terminals controlling each turret. Use them to isolate the turrets from the main network.

Section: Got it. Come on. Come on. Admiral Briggs, bridge control terminal is completely locked down.

Briggs: We're trying to gain access from the server room. I've seen revolutions come and go faster than this shit.

Section: Menendez. Always one step ahead of us. We need to find him!

Briggs: Head to the security room. Techs should have the camera feeds back up soon.

Section: I'm on my way! Harper! I'm pinned down by PMCs en route to the security room. Hack the relay terminal. Take manual control of the auto turrets.

Harper: You got it.

Section: Damn it! Comms are down! He can't hear a word!

Navy SEAL: Stay in cover! Take out that turret!

Section: Seal the door! Where are we at on the security feed?

Technician: We should have it back up in a few minutes.

Section: I need a team cutting through this wall right now! I lost comms to Admiral Briggs. He may be in danger.

Technician 1: Security feed. It's back up!

Section: Alright, run a facial ID scan across the entire ship. We have to find Menendez!

Technician 1:Search. Security camera image database.

Technician 2: Rebooting the whole system is a risk, sir. We have no guarantee it'll come back online.

Briggs: Better no system, than one that's destroying the fleet. Do it!

Technician 2: I'll need your security clearance, sir.

Section: Briggs! Menendez is right outside the server room! Do not shut down the systems! If the security goes down, Menendez will waltz right in! Briggs!

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