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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 36 - Odysseus

Check out part 37 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Cordis Die.


DeFalco: Menendez, Briggs is rebooting their systems now, trying to regain control of their automatic defenses.

Menendez: Y Salazar?

DeFalco: In position by Briggs' side.

Menendez: Admiral Briggs. Back off!

Briggs: Salazar. Shoot through me! Kill this son of a bitch!

Briggs: No!

Briggs: You rotten cocksucker!

Salazar: I'll surrender when it's done.

Briggs: I'd rather see you die then surrender, boy.

Salazar: I don't blame you.

Briggs: Why don't you have Salazar do it?

Salazar: Briggs is a good man, Menendez. Don't kill him. Shoot him in the leg.

Salazar: He's alive. Thank you, Raul.

Menendez: If we truly succeed today, Admiral Briggs will come to understand why I did not kill him.

Section: Salazar. Hurry the fuck up!

Section: Harper, get to the server room! Briggs is down!

Section: Attention all security officers. Commander David Mason. SEAL team member Salazar is working with the enemy. Check the wounded! This was his plan. Menendez smuggled a celerium chip onboard. Hacked our whole system. He's now in command of the satellite network controlling the entire US drone fleet. We need to inform the Pentagon.

Briggs: You better watch your back. Whoever compromised Salazar can get to you. Be careful. Good luck.

Section: Get him to sick bay. Okay, we'll need our tech team working on this ASAP. We have to find the source of the satellite control transmission.

Harper: What the hell happened here, man?

Section: Salazar. He played us all. He was working with Menendez.

Harper: What the fuck? How could he do that, man? What are you talking about? He was one of us!

Security: Section, Security team Epsilon. We have Salazar secure. He surrendered without incident.

Section: Where are you?

Security: Hangar bay two.

Section: On my way. What about Menendez?

Security: He took off in one of our fighters. We missed him by seconds, sir.

Section: You betrayed us all, Salazar!

Salazar: Today is a difficult day, Section. But tomorrow, we all win.

Harper: Not you.

Section: Attention all on this channel. This is Commander David Mason. Our defense network has been compromised. All hands prep for evac. Abandon ship! I say again, abandon ship! We're too late! Tac Command, Menendez is already in the air! He has total control over our drone fleet.

US Sailor: Confirmed. Security teams will move to secure our remaining air assets.

Harper: Hundreds died today, Section. I'm gonna see that son of a bitch burn for what he's done.

Section: This is his endgame. He's about to unleash our drones on cities across the globe.

Soldier: The Chinese fighters are here, the Obama is secured!

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