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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 37 - Cordis Die

Check out part 38 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Cordis Die.


President Bosworth: All ASEAN units of the United States Navy have been instructed to defend China against Raul Menendez's drone attacks.

Premier Chen: Thank you, Madam President. Your actions speak louder than any words.

Petraeus: Madam President. The Seal Commander who captured Menendez requested to head up your security detail. He's our best authority on Menendez and he still believes you may be a target.

Agent: Sir, we have activity on the ground. Multiple hostiles.

Petraeus: Oh my God, the drones. They're changing course.

Section: Los Angeles. I knew it was too easy to crack the Celerium drive. He's targeting the President. Marine One is under attack! Go to ground! Go to ground! Alert the MRAP for an immediate pickup. We're going down! Madam President, are you okay?

President Bosworth: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

Section: Are you sure?

President: Yeah.

Section: Evac the President to Prom Night.

Harper: Calm down! The bullet went through clean. You're gonna be fine!

Wounded Man: It's still bleeding!

Harper: I'm gonna give you something for the pain. Son of a bitch!

Johnson: Madam President, the drones took out Air Force One and Marine One! We cannot extract you by air!

President: Jones, what's the status on the other convoys?

Jones: LAPD reports surface streets are compromised! Hundreds of heavily armed Mercenaries have struck L.A. simultaneously.

President: Any word on casualties?

Johnson: Downtown L.A. evacuated, preliminary reports are below expectations.

President: Thank God. Mason, what's our next move?

Section: Madam President, we're taking you to the Prom Night shelter under the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown.

President: Johnson, I want troops on the streets and these drones dealt with.

Samuels: NORAD scrambled two hundred FA38s. They're less than five minutes out.

Section: This is what Menendez planned all along. Taking out the G20 leaders will cripple capitalist governments across the world.

Harper: Agent Jones, get her under cover! Come on, Section! The drones got us zeroed! The stingers are our only chance!

Section: Be ready to move!

Harper: Tracking multiple groups! I'll call 'em as I see them! Here they come! Keep them off us! Don't let them get through! Good shot! Hit them now! Come around 90 degrees! Hell yeah! Left side! Left side! Nice fucking shooting brother! They're starting to zero in on your position. Get the hell out of there!

Anderson: Section, this is Anderson responding to your mayday call. Standing by for tasking.

Section: Anderson, we're en route to Prom Night with the president, Request: Establish overhead, provide armed overwatch.

Anderson: WILCO. Be advised, I'm all you got. The bulk of my squadron is down or engaging drones.

Section: Understood, we'll make it work. Harper, Sitrep!

Harper: We got mercs all around the freeway! They got RPGs dug in and another G20 convoy dead ahead, lower level.

Section: Rappel down. Go! Come on! Come one! Go! Go! We gotta make quick or the folks inside are dead meat.

Harper: We're on the ground. Full headcount! Several mercs inside the big rig trailer. Lower freeway, right side. Moving. Dead ahead! We got another MG truck dropping infantry!

Section: Stay in cover! I'll direct you to move when you're clear!

Harper: We're taking heavy fire from all directions. Damn it! We're taking fire from high! Dammit, man! Keep them off us! They've got fucking snipers on the overpass.

Section: Keep covering the President! Push through! The G20 leaders in that vehicle are running out of time. Stay down!

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