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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 38 - Cordis Die

Check out part 39 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Cordis Die.


Section: Get on the radio and find the status of the other convoys.

Jones: The last vehicle diverted as soon as we were hit! SECDEF Patreaus is secure!

Section: Good work people! We need to get this convoy moving. Get the president into the middle vehicle.

Harper: We're going to be fighting every inch of the way. PMC's are setting up a barricade, dead ahead!

Section: Clear them out!

Harper: We gotta go! Now!

Section: I'll take the lead vehicle with Harper.

Harper: Everyone, on my lead. 110 northbound. Single file convoy.

Section: Update all. Blue route go!

Harper: Punch it, Section! Faster! Ram them out of the way!

Anderson: Section! You've got a drone turning in on your convoy.

Harper: Left! Left man!

Anderson: I have lock. Firing!

Harper: Hard right! Hard right! The whole freeway's coming down! Holy shit!

Anderson, How badly hit is downtown?

Anderson: It's bad Section. Most of the city's now a full blow war zone. I don't know how you're going to make it through downtown.

Harper: How the hell do we come back from this, Section?

Section: I don't know yet. But we will.

Harper: Menendez knew exactly what he was doing. Hitting the Pentagon, Washington and Wall Street all on the same day, using our own aircraft.

Section: Shit!

Samuels: G-unit! Blue route is compromised. I say again, blue route is compromised. All convoys need to avoid the arena district. Await further updates.

Section: We'll find a way through the streets. We'll regroup en-route!

Anderson: We got RPG's on the rooftops all around. I'm trying to... Come on, damnit!

Section: Anderson!

Anderson: Take that you son of a bitch! I'm... I'm hit! But I'm okay. Damnit!

Harper: Come on, you son of a bitch! Mother fucker! All right! It was a fucking ambush! We got mercs moving in on all sides! Move, Section! Move!

Section: Damnit! They've got more of them!

Harper: It's armor's tough! If you've got an explosive weapon, now's the time! Watch the grenades! It spits them out in the front! Finish it! One more explosive round should do it!

Section: Fuck! You!

Anderson: Section, the mercs are bringing in reinforcements!

Samuels: We northbound on Grand, but we're getting word that the French President's convoy is pinned down near the arena!

President: If we lose anymore foreign leaders, then the fallout from this incident could be catastrophic.

Section: Understood! Section, out.

Harper: Fuck yeah! Nice work, bro. Nice work. MG's got the entrance locked down! God dammit, man! Those cops are just meat in the fucking grinder! MG's down! Move it out!

Section: Spread out! Open up your fields of fire!

Harper: Gei in line!

Section: Stay on line!

Section: Anderson! The French President's vehicles pinned down near by! Do you have eyes on?

Harper: First floor, left side!

Anderson: Enemy forces are targeting and IAV directly in front of the arena.

Harper: Second floor, by the escalator!

Section: That's them. Hold them off! I'm on my way!

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