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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 39 - Cordis Die

Check out part 40 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Judgement Day.


Anderson: Damn it, Section! The French vehicle is taking heavy fire from all sides. I can't hold them off much longer. They're dead if you don't get here damn soon. Section, I took a hit. I'm going to have to set her down.

Section: We're on our way, Andersen. Hang in there.

Anderson: I'm bleeding out. I don't think I can.

Harper: Goddammit, Section! They're moving in on Anderson's fighter. We need to secure that crash site. Holy shit. You okay?

Section: Yeah.

Harper: Anderson's FA38 may still be viable.

Section: Shit. Anderson! She took a hit before. Don't know how bad.

Harper: Least she's still in one piece.

Section: Get her to safety. Make sure she lives.

Harper: Ever fly one of these things, Section?

Section: No.

Harper: Well, you're going to fly one now, buddy. The flight computer should handle most of the work. I'll take the ambulance with Anderson. Stay on me and we'll try to regroup with the presidential convoy.

Woman: Identify. Mason, David. Priority overwrite. Alpha, Delta, Echo, X-ray. Authorization accepted. Start off sequence initiated.

Samuels: The PMCs are flooding every damn intersection. The LAPD are overwhelmed. We're not going to make it.

Section: Samuels, I've secured an FA38 to provide air support. I'm tracking your location now. Just hang in there.

Harper: Shit. It's a fucking mess. They really hit us hard.

Section: Harper, make a left on 9th.

Harper: Got it. Mercs moving in.

Section: Shit! Enemy trucks crashing the Hope Street blockade. Keep moving. Go!

Harper: Bastards are everywhere. Helicopter above the parking structure. Nice work, Section. Fuck. The big rigs are blocking our path.

Section: Get off 9th. Turn north onto Flower.

Harper: Goddammit, man. It's ambush alley down here. We're taking fire from all sides.

Section: We got enemy gunships. Keep moving!

Woman: Master repair complete

Section: It's too hot. Turn right on 5th.

Samuels: Section, we're tracking another wave of drones advancing on our position.

Section: I'll handle the drones. Just get the president to Prom Night. Put Anderson on comms. Anderson, I need to unlock the sky buster missiles.

Anderson: Okay. Uploading the sky buster codes to you.

Woman: Maintaining current speed. Tracking target, calibrating velocity.

Harper: The the heat off the convoy.

Woman: Altitude locked.

Section: Come on, you bastard.

Samuels: The drones are targeting the convoy. You've got to keep them off us, Section.

Harper: Come on, brother. Where the hell are you?

Woman: Destruction integrity, 15%.

Section: She's coming apart. I'm losing it.

Harper: Section, the goddamn drones are all over us.

Woman: Warning, structural integrity compromised.

Section: Shit!

Harper: Mason? You are one crazy bastard. You know that, right?

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