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Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Part 40 - Judgement Day

Check out part 41 of this walkthrough from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 by Treyarch and learn how to get through Judgement Day.


Petraeus: Madame President, we now know how Menendez pulled it off. It's now clear that Menendez intended to be captured and brought to the Obama in order to execute his attack.

President Bosworth: A Trojan Horse. Odysseus.

Petraeus: He used a Gelerium device to infect our internal servers with a virus compromising our entire military satellite infrastructure. The bad news is, the drones are still his. He's piggybacking on communication satellites all over the world.

President Bosworth: What are our options?

Petraeus: Well, there is some good news. We've traced the source of the signals.

President Bosworth: Haiti?

Petraeus: JSOC's in the sky right now. In T minus ten minutes, we'll be boots on the ground.

President Bosworth: How long before the drones get to the other cities?

Petraeus: At the current rate and trajectory, approximately T minus ten.

President Bosworth: Oh, my god. What about China?

Petraeus: We are launching a coordinated simultaneous attack on Haiti. We can trust Premier Chen now, he will not let us down.

President Bosworth: Is this it? Is this the end?

Petraeus: Madame President, may God help us.

Pilot: Time on target, 60 seconds.

Army Ranger: Okay, you're set. Your HUD link clear?

Harper: It's all good.

Army Ranger: Confirmed. All right, Section. You're good to go.

Section: Alright, listen up. We have our objectives. Shut down the transmission controlling the drones. Execute kill/capture order on target Raul Menendez.

Harper: I vote kill. Taking him alive didn't work out last time.

Pilot: Time on target, 30 seconds.

Army Ranger: Shit! That was close!

Section: Go, now!

Pilot: Get out! Get out!

Section: Control your descent.

Harper: Stay out of their fucking way.

Section: Avoid the missiles.

Harper: Come on, bitch. You want to live forever?

Section: Supporting element one, say status.

Navy Seal: Established containment western flank, 100 series buildings. Chinese special forces are in support.

Section: SE2, are you up?

Navy Seal: Affirm. In position to parallel your movement east side. Set on roof tops 300 series building.

Section: Copy all. Main effort moving south. Updates as needed.

Harper: Friendly CLAWs moving in for support. Use them for cover.

Section: Chinese Special forces landing on the roofs. They'll deal with the snipers.

Harper: They're making a hell of a last stand.

Section: Rear units are being hammered before they even hit deck. Knock out the AA laser mounts on the roofs.

Harper: Kill that damn CLAW.

Man: Guys in cover, behind that barricade. Take down that CLAW.

Section: SE1 and 2 are taking key positions to support our advance, so watch your fire. Don't get sidetracked. We're here to shutdown the transmission and kill Menendez.

Man: Incoming on the sidewalk. Push it through the supply area.

Man: Enemies get extra ammo.

Section: Keep moving! Get up the stairs! Target building up ahead. SE1, we have enemy CLAWs in front of target building. Request fire support.

SE1: SE1 is visual. Standby rocking out.

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