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How to Ice a Cake with Whipped Cream

Learn how to ice a cake with whipped cream from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


Hi. I'm Katie, and today I'm going to show you how to ice a cake with whipped cream. I'm using homemade whipped cream. All I did was take, this is called a balloon whisk, mostly because of the shape. It's very large and round and it gets a lot of air very easily into whatever you're whipping. Nice cold heavy cream, a little bit of confectioner's sugar just to sweeten it up, a little vanilla or anything you like. And all I'm doing is whipping from side to side. We're looking for nice medium or stiff peaks.

Now all I'm going to do is take my two layers of cake, I have a vanilla cake, this is also great with ice cream cakes actually. So I'll just take a big dollop of whipped cream, put it right on the center of my cake with a rubber spatula, and just use a, this is a large offset, to just push the whipped cream all over the surface. And if you wanted to, it's actually really fun to soak your cake before you put any sort of filling, especially a light filling like whipped cream. So if you took a little sugar and water and brought it to a boil and added a little alcohol, or a little flavoring of some kind, it's a really nice thing to do.

All I'm going to do is take my top layer and just, watch the crumbs, and just put it right on top. And any bits that fall off just glue it back together. That's it.

Make sure all of your cake crumbs are out of the way before you start frosting, so that way it won't be in your frosting. And I'm going to take the rest of my whipped cream, and just right on top, a nice big dollop. Remember this is really only lightly sweetened. If you like a really sweet whipped cream, add a little bit more confectioner's sugar, but it's nice, just a light fresh topping. Take my large offset and just push the whipped cream down so that it's covering the surface.

And if you wanted to, you could leave this cake open-faced, so it just spread it over the top and don't cover the sides. But I'm just going to kind of turn my cake plate, my turntable, and push the whipped cream out so it covers all of the edges, and then just start to work it down the sides. So you can see the motion that I'm using, is I'm angling it down and just kind of gently pressing towards myself, just to push down the edges.

And once everything is covered, keep making your way around. Make sure there are no little areas that are left untouched. You can either take the same spatula or spoon and just make little swooshes for more of a rustic design, or if you're looking for a really smooth surface, take a bench scraper and pull towards you, and any extra just kind of pop it right off. And then I'm going to start on the top and just take it and angle it towards me. And just pull and wipe off. Just clean it up and that is it. Take a little wet paper towel and just clean up your edges and you're ready to go.

That's how you decorate a cake with whipped cream topping.

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