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How to Fill a Pastry Bag with Frosting

Learn how to fill a pastry bag with frosting from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


Now what I have here is a disposable piping bag. You can also use the kind, they sell fabric ones, you can fill them kind of wash them out and use them again. I love this just because I know once I get it dirty I can get rid of it. All I do is fold down my sides, make a little well in the center. This is going to keep my edge really clean so when I'm squeezing it it's not all going to be kind of popping out onto my clothes. That's the goal. I have a piping tip which is optional, you can always just snip the edge. This is a nice little star tip.

So I trim the end off with my scissor and throw this away so it won't get in your frosting by accident. It happened many times. Now I just push my tip in and you can see it just comes off of the edge of the piping bag. Now a good tip is take your finger and just push the plastic into the tip. What that does is just makes it a little bit of a stopper. So once I fill my frosting it won't all ooze out the bottom. If you're at home by yourself and it's too much to juggle you can just take a drinking glass and set the bag inside of a drinking glass to fill it. But otherwise just take a rubber spatula and fill your bag with frosting. Push it down, pop that stopper out and you're ready to work.

There are a few different types of tips. I have my little star. I have a little round. I have this kind of fun rectangular shape. I have a big round, and a very giant star tip. So I'm going to show you the different things that you can do with each one and I'm just going to use a little bit of frosting in each bag.

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