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3 Cake Border Piping Tips

Learn how to pipe a cake border with frosting from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


Today I'm going to show you some cake border piping tips. I've covered my cake in whipped cream. This is just one technique but you can also use buttercream or ganache. Any other type of kind covering for a cake that you like. But I filled my piping back with a little bit of the same whipped cream and I have my star tip. And all I'm going to do is start at the top of my cake and just push away from me and just pull toward. Make just a little bit of what's called a shell. You can see I'm just kind of building a little bit of a wall all around my cake. Just pull towards and pull back. You can turn the plate as you go. And keeping nice even pressure. Nothing to fussy about it. But just a nice ring all around the edge and that is it. If you wanted to you could do the bottom of your cake as well. And here, if I was going to do the bottom I'd start the same way and angle away from me, push and pull towards myself. And that's it, that's how to create a cake border around the edge of your whipped cream cake.

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