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How to Put Fondant on Cupcakes

Learn how to put fondant on cupcakes from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


Hi, I'm Katie and today I'm going to show you how to put a layer of fondant over your cupcakes.

So I'm starting with a few different colors of fondant, and you can find those in specialty stores, or you can order them online which is always a good way to do it. But all I do is . . . you want to make sure your fondant is really sealed in airtight container at all times. If it sits out for too long it'll dry out and get very crusty. So if that happens it's really no good, because it'll just start cracking.

But if it's nice and fresh all you have to do is pop it out. I dust my countertop just with either a little confectioner's sugar or corn starch is great. I'm just using my sifter, and all I'm going to do is lightly just knead the fondant like I would with bread dough or anything like that, like if I was giving the fondant a massage--same process. Just knead it; you can see I'm using the heel of my hand and just pulling it towards me and pushing away. The same thing. We do that for a couple of colors, just make sure they're ready to go. I have purple, green, and yellow; but obviously any color you like for any occasion.

And the only thing I'm going to do before I start rolling out my fondant is just prepare my cupcakes. So I have a little bit of butter cream, or you can use any type of frosting, really. But just take a little bit either with a spatula or a piping bag and just to give the fondant something to stick to. So here's just a little dollop right in the middle. You don't want to go too far out or it's just going to make a big mess--just a little something. And who wants to eat just plain fondant without frosting? If I was using a piping bag I would just go in and just a little dollop. So we're ready.

So again, a little confectioner's sugar or corn starch in your sifter; just lightly dust the top and either this is my nice crunch rolling pin. You can use the kind with the handles. I'm just going to roll it out like I would with any pie dough or anything like that, constantly moving it so it's not sticking to my surface. It's really funny; you've got to put a little muscle into it. I want it to be really nice and thin; nothing is worse than a big thick bite of fondant on top of a lovely light little cupcake. So I try to go as thin as possible.

And then when I get to the point where I'm happy with it, which I'm almost there, I'm just going to brush off any additional. And I have a yellow one also that's kind of ready to go. What I would do is either take a circle cutter, or you can use a fluted cutter--anything that will give you that same approximate shape of your cupcake. If you don't have a cutter on hand a nice metal cup measure; this is a third of a cup, or kind of a standard sized homemade cupcake. The ones you buy in the store I think are like an actual cup. But for these I'm just going to press down and you can see I get a perfect circle.

So once you have that all you have to do is press on. The frosting should just come out to the edge. And that's it; I'll do one more.

And from here once you have your fondant on your cupcakes you could decorate it however you like with candy, with piping; you could pipe names or words, shapes, anything you like. And that's how you put fondant on a cupcake.

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