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How to Decorate a Cake with Fruit

Learn how to decorate a cake with fruit from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


To build my cake, you can see I've already covered my cake with either whipped cream, buttercream, whatever you like.

Whipped cream is really nice for the summer. A vanilla cake, whipped cream, and fresh fruit, beautiful and delicious.

I did a border, that's optional. I just used my star tip to pipe a little border around the edge, and now I'm just going to build my layers. So don't feel like you have to do this any particular way. Kind of the more messy you can get the better it's going to end up looking. We're really building a nice heap of fruit. It's almost like a big composed fruit salad, but again, the messier the better, and I'm starting with my items that are going to be kind of taking up more room, and then building from there.

My strawberries are just going to lay right on, and again, I'm looking for a big heap of fruit. Right on top. Now's the time, you can see I have my bed of mango. I could build it with a little bit more, if I wanted to. Just a couple of extra, and then I'll go ahead and add my kiwi slices. Really building a nice, fun design here, but again, how easy is this? Kid's could do this. You could trust anyone with this job.

You have a beautiful easy cake in no time, and you can see that's kind of what my border is for, to keep my fruit contained a little bit. Now my blackberries. Really nice pop of dark color, really pretty, and now at the very end, some of the strawberries I haven't cut yet. Just going to add that in. See how that looks. I know how it looks on video, but in person it's very pretty. I promise you.

The fun thing to do with strawberries is, make sure if you cut blackberries you give it a little rinse. You can either, it's very pretty just to cut all the way through the stem, and just have a nice split strawberry, sitting right on top is really beautiful, or if you wanted to get a little fancier take a nice berry, and I'm just going to slice, very thinly, and I'm not cutting all the way through. I'm just going about 90 percent of the way, very carefully, and you could just fan your berry out. So it's a really beautiful final touch, and that is it.

Last to finish it off. I have a sifter and a little bit of powdered sugar, and just very gently go over the top of my cake, and that is it. That's how to create a beautiful cake, with fresh fruit. I hope you enjoy.

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