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How to Use Chocolate Decorations on a Cake

Learn how to make and use chocolate cake decorations from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


So, I have two beautiful cakes and I have my chocolate decorations that I've already started. I tempered my chocolate. Spread it onto transfer sheets. Drizzled it onto an acetate sheet and spread it onto a cold sheet tray to make these beautiful curls. And now I'm going to finish my cakes.

So, for my transfer sheet. You can see it has that beautiful pattern on the bottom. And what I've done is, now that the chocolate is set, I'm going to cut squares.

You can also just cut it into shards. Just break it into pieces. That's great too. But I like how, kind of, I'm going to put it on with all this craziness of fruit going on. So, it's going to add a little order to our cake.

So, you can see just with my pairing knife I just went through and sliced beautiful squares. And now I'm going to flip it over and just peel the transfer sheet off.

And you can see it leaves that beautiful gold color right on there. People will have no idea how you did it. Little do they know how simple it was.

But, you can see how beautiful that is. So, that's going to go right along the edge of my cake and just stick right into the side.

You can see how it just immediately adheres to the whipped cream. And try to space them apart a little bit. And go all the way around. Just like those very fancy patisseries. Get the same results.

And, I'm going to show you how you we're going to add a little bit of an American twist. I'm going to take some malt balls and I'm just going to coat them to match. You can see we have all these beautiful gold designs on dark chocolate. So, I'm going to make little gold malt balls as well.

So, what I have is just regular candies here and a little bit of gold dust you can buy at any, sort of, specialty cake shop. It's just called Luster Dust. But I take a little bit on a knife and I just kind of knock it in there.

I'm just going to roll these all around. And if you need more if it's not coating it enough you take a paint brush, kind of brush it all over. And you can see instantly they've gone from being a very, kind of, dull supermarket candy to this beautiful ornate design. It's also great for Christmas cakes and things like that.

But I'm going to take those and just drop a few right all along the top of my cake. Just for a little extra bling. And that's it for that one.

Now we're going to move on to our gorgeous chocolate ganache cake. You can see how fun this looks. Beautiful.

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