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How to Use Chocolate Curls & Lace to Decorate a Cake

Learn how to use chocolate curls and chocolate lace on a cake from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


But our chocolate ganache cake, I have some options. A really classic idea is to take these chocolate curls that I've made, and you can see they've just come off of my cooled sheet tray. They're kind of ready to go.

And I can just take these if I want to and just pile them up. Very, kind of, anyway you please in a big. Almost imagine like a campfire. You're building a big pile of sticks here. You can break some of them up.

And just all over the top of your cake. This is a very classic way to do this. All over. And this is one of those really good, like, winter time cakes that people just. They see it and they can't not take a slice of it.

But also, I want to show you the final fun design that we did which would also be really cute on a cake like this, is my piped chocolate designs. You can see with my cornei I just piped a little lace.

And I'm just just going to, kind of, flip it over and peel this off. And you can see it comes right off into this really, how easy is that first of all. But look at this really fun sheet of lace. Really beautiful.

So, I would just break off little pieces of this. Very gently. And remember the heat from your hands may start to melt this, so work quickly. Or else just pop it back in the refrigerator or freezer.

But anywhere you like to put it. So you can just, kind of, finish it with some really beautiful piped lattice work here. And just a little sprinkling and you're good to go.

Two really gorgeous, very impressive if I might say, cakes. And you can do it at home with really no effort at all.

So, I hope you give it a try.

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