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How to Use White Chocolate Cake Decorations

Learn how to use white chocolate decorations from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


So my white chocolate is chilled, it's nice and firm to the touch and all I'm going to do is flip them over and immediately you can see that the chocolate just peels right off. It's really fun and I have my very cute little decorations ready to go. Here I have a couple of hearts. And my lace, I can just break up little pieces of this. Really fun and kind of very whimsical and avant garde. And then if I lift over my transfer sheet you can see how great that is with the color. It comes right off. Really fun designs. If you wanted to you could cut out circles, you could just break up shards. If you want to cut little diamonds, or triangles, anything you like. Just kind of go in and you can just kind of decorate however you please. And they're very cute. So have fun with it. Do whatever you like. Make all kinds of fun designs and this is a great way to use white chocolate on cupcakes.

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