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How to Use Fondant to Decorate a Christmas Cake

Learn how to decorate a Christmas cake with fondant from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


Hi I'm Katie and I'm so excited because today I'm making a Christmas cake which happens to be my favorite holiday in the universe.

But you can see I started out by; I did a fondant layer on top of my cake. This is just some carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, but you can do any type of cake you like whether it's a fruitcake, spice cake, anything Christmas-y, a nice layer of fondant overseen with clean service to work off of. And I just took green, white, and red butter cream and all I did was cut a little tip off of my disposable piping bag. And I'm just going around and alternating and just pulling towards myself. I'm just pushing and pulling a little bit towards me and making a big mess. But just alternating green, white, and red or you can do any colors you like. You can do the same design for a Hanukkah cake with blue and white. It would be really nice. But I'm just making a little border, a little edge. So now, we're going to come in and make a ribbon. Move these over.

Whenever you're working with fondant it's important that your surface get really clean. So here I have a little green, but that's okay because I'm going to be rolling out the green. So, I'm just going to take a little extra confectioners sugar and dust my surface, and start rolling out my fondant. Now what I'm looking for is a really long strip so I'm really just going to go in one direction. Even though I'm going in one direction, I'm constantly going to be moving my fondant so that it won't stick to my surface. And that's really important. You don't want to roll it out to the perfect thickness and then try to pick it up and you can't. That's kind of a very sad moment when that happens. So just keep moving her around and pushing it away from you.

When you have your fondant at about an eighth of an inch, which this is, you can see how nice and thin it is. I'm just going to take a paring knife and cut it in the shape I want. I'm not being too particular but if you wanted to you can kind of trace and measure exactly where you want this ribbon to fall and you'll know exactly how long it needs to be. I'm just going to kind of eyeball it. But if I were doing this for a real Christmas celebration I might take the time to really measure it out. All I'm doing is making a nice even strip. And you can see I'm just going all the way down making like a big snake. And if I need to trim it even shorter later I can definitely do that. But all this leftover you can either do another ribbon if you want to. You can have two going around. Or just knead it back together and wrap it up and it's good to use next time. Throw it away.

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