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How to Attach Decorations to a Christmas Cake

Learn how to attach decorations to a Christmas cake from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


All I'm going to do is, you can either take a little bit of water, just to help it stick, or a little bit of frosting. Just make sure all of the dust is off of it. I'm going to use a little water and just give it a flip, just lightly and that's going to kind of soften those sugars and help it stick to the fondant that's already on the cake. Just a little drop. Now, around we go. It's going to start by me. I'm going to try not to ruin my border. So be a little gentle about it but it's going all the way around the cake. This is kind of a very Avant-garde Christmas cake. You can see how cute that even is now. And now you can see I just swirled a little red fondant or white fondant with a little red food coloring and I'm going to roll that out as well.
Great. So this one I'm going to make a little bit smaller. I'm really just looking for something to go on the top of my cake so I'm just going to be very, kind of fun, about it. Don't feel like you have to make it perfect. And same thing, just a little bit of water so it will stick. Whoops. If it breaks just keep on going. And here I'm just going to kind of swirl it together, kind of whimsical.

Now last but not least I have a couple of fun additions. So, a little bit of frosting as glue. Here I have a couple of stars that are really cute. This is just yellow fondant and I rolled it out and then I just brushed it with a little bit of gold luster. You can just put a couple of stars around the outside. Okay, there's that. And these are just some malt balls and I rolled them in a little bit of gold luster dust as well just to kind of add a little extra something. And that is it, a really fun, Avant-garde, Christmas cake.

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