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How to Prepare Frosting for Decorating a Birthday Cake

Learn how to prepare frosting to decorate a birthday cake from professional pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse in this Howcast cake decorating video.


So today I'm going to show you a really great way to decorate a simple but beautiful kid's birthday cake. So you can see I'm just starting with just a nice clean, white surface with my buttercream. This is a two layer cake. I have my same buttercream in the middle, I did a crumb coat first, and I did a nice layer of frosting. Now I'm going to come in and do my design.

So the first thing that I did was take a little bit of this gel color, you can also use liquid, but I just love that this doesn't make my icing runny at all. I could use a little bit and get a really intense result, which is great. So I took a little bit of my gel color, added it in to my buttercream, and you could see I have this beautiful purple color, great for little girls' birthday parties. And I'm going to do the same thing with a little bit more frosting, but I'm going to color it yellow. Obviously you can do any color that you like. If your son loves blue, make it blue, but you could see I just take, you could really take a toothpick or anything, take a little bit of your gel color, and just add it right to your frosting, and you can always add more later. I like a really intense color, so just a little bit of a dollop, and then don't get this on your hands.

So now all I'm going to do is stir my yellow color right into my frosting with my rubber spatula, you could do this with a spoon too. But you could see as I spin it around it's going to get a beautiful, intense yellow, like sunshine. Isn't that fun? So easy. Remember you can make this frosting at home, you can buy the frosting if you just don't have the time, no one will know. Done.

All I'm going to do is take my piping bag, this is a disposable piping bag with a tip inside, I have a little round tip here, perfect for writing happy birthday, if you're interested in doing that, a larger round tip and a star tip for my border. So I think for my border I'm going to start with purple. So you could see I fold the edges down on my and I push the bag into the tips, so this way when I fill it with frosting the frosting will not smush out the bottom.

So I take my rubber spatula with my purple frosting, and just a nice dollop, don't overfill your bag. Not only because the heat from your hands kind of melts the frosting, but also because, especially when you're piping your border, you have much more control if you have a good handle on your piping bag. So too much it's going to be very hard to move it around. If you have a big air pocket, just push and you're ready to go. If you could see, I kind of, I twist halfway down and I hold the other end with my hand. If you try to do this, all over you, so.

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