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How to Do a Jump Back in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do jump backs in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do jump backs in Irish step dancing. To prepare for a jump back, the dancer points the right foot, lifts it, extends the leg, bends the leg, places it behind and lands with both feet together. Then alternating onto the left side, lifting the leg, extend and landing with both feet together. We'll look at the jump back from a side view and you can see how the movement again is similar to peddling a bicycle backward. Always landing on the balls of the feet. The jump back is similar to a hop back in Irish dance with one major difference. In the jump back we land both feet together at the same time. By contrast, with the hop back one foot lands at a time. We'll look at hop back for just a moment to compare the two. Hop back, same extension, feet are landing at different times. For the jump back, similar extension feet land together. How to do jump backs in Irish step dance.

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