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How to Do a Jump 2-3 & an Over 2-3 in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do jump two-threes and over two-threes in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do over two threes or jump two threes in Irish Step Dancing.

Over two three, or jump two three, is also called an Up Down Down. These names all refer to the same jumping step.

To begin the dancer points the right foot. The initial jump, or over, part of the step is an extension of the right leg. Imagining you're stretching over a big puddle or a large hurdle.

The next leg bends as the dancer alternates weight. Two three. This repeats on the left side. The initial move is an extension of the left leg, nice and straight, foot pointed, going over a puddle or hurdle. The dancer's weight then alternates for the two three

We'll look at that again on the right foot. Stretching over two three. Stretching over two three. Stretching over two three. And over two three. We'll try that progression again in more real time.

Right leg points and over two three. Over two three. Call jump two three. Jump two three. These can be done in a traveling progression as you just saw.

But the step is also used as a one off larger jump to insert within a piece of choreography. In this instance the dancer does a preparation step and completes the over two three by extending the leg much higher, at least 90 degrees from the waist. As if they were literally jumping over a hurdle.

And, over two three. And that instance the leg is lifted much higher to 90 degrees or waist height for the singular over two three or jump two three or up down down.

How to do the over two three, jump two three, or up down down in Irish Dance.

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