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How to Do a Birdie in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do a birdie in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do the birdie in Irish Step Dance. In the birdie, the dancer strikes a pose midair. This pose includes two parts. The first is a straight extended leg 90 degrees from the waist. This is the first pose that is achieved. Secondarily, the back leg tucks up behind the dancer with the foot pointed. These two moves are done simultaneously, as the dancer jumps. Like this, in real time. There, she hits the birdie position. We'll look at that again in real time. The birdie position is similar in look to the over two three. However, there is no alternation of weight on the landing. To look at an over two three by contrast, the dancer achieves the same position midair and... But alternates the weight afterward. Looking at the over two three, again, the same position achieved in midair, weight alternation. By contrast, the birdie has no weight alternation on the landing. And the birdie. The dancer simply stops after achieving the birdie position. How to do the birdie in Irish Step Dance.

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