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How to Do a Rock Move in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do the rock move in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do the rock move in Irish step dance.

The rock move is an unusual move for Irish dancers, whereby they're testing, really, the strength and flexibility of lateral motion in their ankle. It is recommended, particularly when trying this step for the first time, that you hold onto another person, a bar, a table top, or a counter for support, because you're going to be rolling over on the side or lateral part of the ankle.

To initiate the rock step, the dancer points the right foot, lifts it, and places it behind, coming close together so that the two feet are laying nearly on top of each other. She then moves toward the direction of the front foot, rocking or rolling over to the left side, alternating by going toward the right side toward the back foot, and completing the series of three by returning to the front or left side.

Looking at that in real time, you can how the dancer's going to do a series of three, initiating first foot behind, and front back front, rocking front, back, front, rocking front, back, front.

It's very important when doing the rock step, for security and safety reasons, that the feet, and knees, and ankles are held tightly together. Look at that from the side view to see how the feet are snug in their position. And rocking front, back, front, and rocking front, back, front.

By front back front I'm referring to the direction in which the initial roll of the ankle happens. We'll look at that again more slowly. The initiation happens with the right foot going to the back, and the dancer rocks toward the left side, toward the front foot side, and alternates toward the back foot side, toward the front foot side.

Switching sides, initiating with the left foot planting behind, the dancer then starts again with the front or right foot, the back or left foot, the front or right foot, for a series of three rocks. You can certainly do more or fewer rocks, but three is typically considered a complete series.

How to do the rock step in Irish dance.

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