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How to Do a Twist in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do twists in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do the twist in Irish Step Dance.

A twist is a movement that's done on the balls of the feet , but first we'll demonstrate the sequence of the steps for you on flat feet before showing it on the balls of the feet. To initiate the twist, the dancer turns the toes toward each other pointing inward simultaneously. The dancer then slides the front foot behind and turns the feet out simultaneously. Now the left foot is in front.

To initiate, the dancer points both toes inward towards each other, slides the left foot behind the right foot while simultaneously turning the toes back out again. This is done on the balls of the feet while the dancer travels backward in real time. It's important to try to maintain the same line while traveling backward, but you do not veer to right or left side. Looking at the twist from the side angle you can see also it is important that the feet are close together and the knees are pulled up. Twist from the side. How to do the twist in Irish Dance.

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