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How to Do Scissors in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do scissors in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do the scissors move, an Irish dance.

True to its name, in the scissors move, the dancers are imitating a pair of scissors sharp, straight, and pointed openings and closings.

First I'm going to illustrate the proper position of the scissors move. The foot is extended to the side, pointed, the knee is straight. This happens simultaneously on both the right leg as well left leg, opening with that straight pointed position at the same time. We'll show one scissors jump now.

The dancer initiates with the right foot in front, but lands with the left foot, thus the feet are changing mid air. We'll show a second scissors jump now, going from the left foot in front to landing with the right foot in front.

When the scissors jump alternates in a series we can alternate right foot in front then left foot then right foot. The dancer will demonstrate now doing an alternating series of scissors jumps. Legs are pointed, feet are straight, initiation and landing are always from the balls of the feet.

We'll show a side view of the scissors jump alternating, and landing left front, right front, left front, right front, always keeping legs straight, feet pointed, initiating a landing from the balls of the feet.

How to do the scissors move and Irish dance.

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