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How to Do an Entrechat in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do an entrechat in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How To Do The Entrechat move in Irish Step Dance.

As the name suggests the Entrechat is the move that Irish dance has borrowed from Classical Ballet. In the Entrechat the dancers legs are changing position mid-air, back to front.

We'll demonstrate this slow for you now. To begin the dancers feet are going to straight and pointed as they change legs going back to front. This is happening mid-air during a jump.

Looking at it again slowly, the dancer’s legs are going back to front. Legs are straight, toes are pointed. Done in real time the Entrechat looks like this.

As always in Irish dance we're landing and initiating the jump from the balls of our feet unlike in ballet where the Entrechat includes a pilot. In Irish dance we're landing on the balls of our feet like this. Initiating and landing in Entrechat.

The Entrechat can also be done on the left side, the opposite side. In this case the left leg would be going back to front in mid-air. Done more slowly, going back to front in mid-air. Seeing the left side Entrechat now in real time.

Entrechats can also be done alternating in a series. We'll look at that from a side view, and alternating Entrechats, always landing on the balls of the feet, legs are straight, feet are pointed.

How to so the Entrechat Move in Irish Step Dance.

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