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How to Do a Butterfly in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do a butterfly in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do the butterfly in Irish Dance. Here we will demonstrate how to do a butterfly beginning with the right foot in front.

To initiate the butterfly, the dancer begins by turning both toes towards each other or inward. The right foot slides behind the left foot and the feet simultaneously turn back out. Showing that again, to initiate, the dancer turns the feet inward, slides the right foot behind and turn the feet outward. So it goes from a pointed to a flexed look while in the air.

The butterfly is a jumped position and needs transition from inward to changing position to outward are achieved in mid air. We'll demonstrate the butterfly now in real time on the right leg and. The butterfly can also be done as an alternation , right leg, left leg, right leg with no in between hop and...

We will now demonstrate the butterfly in slow motion. Three things are happening simultaneously, toes are pointed inward, front footed sliding to the behind position, and toes are pointing outward. This gives the illusion of a pointed-to-flexed foot transition mid air. How to do a butterfly in Irish Dance.

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