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How to Do Ceili Position in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do the ceili position in Irish step dancing in this Howcast video with expert Darrah Carr.


How to do the Ceilidh position in Irish dance. Typically in solo Irish dance styles, the arms are held down by the side as you see us doing here. Our arms are straight, pinned closed to our side, and our hands are closed into fists. They are relaxed, though, not tense. Relaxed fists. However, when dancing group styles such as Ceilidh dance, a dance for eight people, dancers hold hands. They begin by pointing the right foot, clasping hands in a low V shape with a straight arm, raising the arms, and coming to rest arms elbow-length apart. If there is more than one partner in the shape, the outer hands would do the same thing with additional partners. However, in parts of the dance that call for just a couple or two dancers, the outer arm is held down by the side. Hands again are closed into fists as you would see in solo styles of Irish dance. How to do the Ceilidh position in Irish dance.

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