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How to Do a Treble & Shuffle in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do the treble and shuffle in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do the treble, or shuffle, in Irish dance.

The treble, or shuffle, is also known as a rally, batter, or one-two-three. I like to call it a one-two-three because the dancer makes three sounds with the foot. The first sound is created by brushing out. The second sound by brushing in. The third sound by transferring the weight and stepping on the foot.

This one, two, three sequence then alternates on the left side. Brush out. Brush in. Step on it. Change the foot. Repeating on the right. Out. In. Step. Left. Out. In. Step. We'll look at that again at a medium tempo.

Keeping in mind that the feet are crossing with each alternation. Look at the treble, shuffle, rally, batter, or one, two, three up to tempo.

How to do the treble, or shuffle, in Irish dance.

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