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How to Do Tips Going Forward in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do tips going forward in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do tips going forward in Irish step dancing. Tips are also called tip steps, flaps, or one-twos. This is because the dancer makes two sounds with the foot. The first sound is created by brushing the foot out away from the body. The second sound is created by a transfer of the weight stepping onto that foot and changing feet.

This then alternates, brushing away from the body, stepping on the foot. Brushing away from the body for a one, stepping on the foot for a two, and one, two. One, two continues the rest of the sequence. We'll look at the tip step going forward at a medium tempo, and taking that now up to full speed, keeping in mind as the dancer progresses forward, the foot in the back is still lifting and tucking behind the dancer.

We'll now look at the tip step from a side angle in order that you may see how the foot lifts and tucks behind the dancer. We'll take it first at medium tempo and then at full tempo. Taking it now at full tempo. How to do the tip step in Irish dance.

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