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How to Do a Back Click & a Turning Click in Irish Dancing

Learn how to do back clicks and turning clicks in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do back clicks and turning clicks in Irish dance. In the click, the objective is to strike the heels together in order to produce an audible clicking sound. In the back click, this is accomplished by first stepping on the right foot. Lifting the left foot, tucking it up behind one's self and changing feet, clicking in mid-air. this can be alternated by stepping on the left foot, lifting the right foot, tucking it behind one's self, changing the feet and hitting the heals together or clicking the heels in mid-air. It helps to keep the feet slightly turned out and the toes pointed as always in Irish dance.

The back click can also be done turning, in what is called a turning click. To initiate this turn, the dancer steps with the right foot and turns one's body 180 degrees. The click that happens in the opposite direction by clicking heels together in mid-air. The dancer completes the turn by landing the opposite foot. We'll look at the turning click again. And step, click, down. Now we'll look at two turning clicks in a row. And, step click down, click down.

How to do the back click and the turning click in Irish dance.

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