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How to Do a Fast Click & Double Clicks in Irish Step Dancing

Learn how to do fast clicks and double clicks in Irish step dancing in this Howcast dance video with Darrah Carr.


How to do front clicks and double clicks in Irish Step Dance?

In the front click or the double click the objective is to strike the heels together in midair, therefore producing a clicking sound.

We'll look at front click first.

In the front click the dancer keeps both legs straight. Stepping first on the right leg, lifting the left leg in preparation. Swinging the left leg through followed by the right leg in quick succession and striking the heels in midair.

The objective is to get the second leg even higher than the initial swinging leg. We'll look at that again.

It's helpful to keep the feet turned out in order to achieve the front click.

A variant on the front click is to cut or bed the second leg that swings through. An example of that is this.

We'll see that again from the side angle.

An additional style of click is called the double click whereby the dancer produces two sets of heel strikes while jumping in midair.
In some ways this is similar to the entrechat in the soft shoe style whereby the feet are changing back to front.

Double click.

We'll try that again. Helpful to keep the feet turned out on both the front and back click.

How to do front clicks and double clicks in Irish dance

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