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What Is Branding?

Learn about branding from graphic design consultant Chanelle Henry in this Howcast video.


This is a brand name. So, make the logo bigger is, like, the biggest joke of all time that a lot of us designers face, because people always want logos. And what are logos? They're not just a simple mark here or there with your name on it or a design with a smiley face or even something that you can just pull off of, like from a contest if there's a lot of contest sites online.

A good logo is when someone actually takes a look at you and at your purpose, at your mission, at your target audience, at everything, and basically comes up with not just a logo, but your brand. And a brand is important because without a brand, a business doesn't really have an identity. So, just take note even the brand Adidas, how Adidas has like two different logos but you know them very well and Nike, Apple. Everything went through a process of being able to decide, okay, what's going to be a memorable mark. What's going to really represent us the right way.

A designer that I love is David Airey and he wrote a really good book called "Logo Design Love." It talks about the process of creating a logo and creating a brand, which isn't just, like I said, designing, you know, beautiful pictures or designing pretty sketches and vectorizing them. It actually has a lot to do with researching the brand, researching who that person is, researching even their competitors to see does anyone else have this brand that might be mistaken for something else.

I know that there's a lot of nursery schools that sometimes use the apple and then Apple gets upset and sometimes sues. And so, you have to make sure that you cover all bases. A lot of the process has a lot to do with sketching, so in David's book he talks about his whole process, like knowing the brand, even doing webs of the company, being able to determine, okay, this is a camera company, but they really are into saving the planet, so what can I do to kind of combine, you know, saving the planet with being a photographer? So, I'll do numerous amounts of sketches. The more sketches, the better. Once you do that, you're able to kind of pick out something that really sticks and then finalize it a little bit better.

And then almost write a story. So, branding is not only is a mark, but it tells a story and it tells a story in which if you look at something, you'll be able to almost know exactly what that company does or exactly who that company is without even having a conversation with them. It's the thing that you're supposed to have that lures you in, or not even lures you in but gets you interested in what they're doing which is why branding is so important.

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