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What Is Architecture Design?

Learn about architecture design from graphic design consultant Chanelle Henry in this Howcast video.


Architecture is one of those very disciplined, I'd like to call disciplined, forms of design, just because you have to be very technical. I think the best way to describe it is like cooking verses baking. Whereas in cooking you can improvise a little bit but baking is very precise and it's a science. So you know architecture, again, has a lot to do with knowing about space, knowing about even like how something can be designed.

So usually they work with a designer and then you also have to know math, geometry, able to have the ability to actually sketch, have the ability to draw straight lines, and use rulers and different things like that. Architecture is something that's actually not just for you know, like the bearded man in his room like designing like what the next museum is going to look like. It's actually a very helpful tool for designers that want to be able to maybe pitch something to a client. So not only just the website design but it's also like okay you also have a store what if your store looked like this.

There's a lot of free tools that you can use. One of them that I really love is Google Sketch Up and you can go to or just type in Google Sketch Up and it's available on the Mac, Windows, like and you basically just hop right in and you can if you draw a box you can raise the box and just get very accustomed to it. It's like they have a lot of different tutorials out there. I even used it to basically come up with a model for something that I wanted to do like during art school for a pre- and post-maternity place.

So, in order to actually come through with my idea I wanted to show what it would look like as a building space. So I used Google Sketch Up to actually show the outside and the sides of the building as well as the inside which isn't showing here but I just took like a regular picture. So it's also good to help you again, visually communicate what a space can look like. Sketch Up can also be used for other things besides architectural design as well too, but it's a really good basis to know or to start to see if it's something that you're interested in and then if so like the possibilities are pretty much endless.

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