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What Is Mobile App Design?

Learn about mobile app design from from graphic design consultant Chanelle Henry in this Howcast video.


So, the basics of mobile design or mobile application design has a lot to do with knowing your device. Mobile application design can fall amongst many different platforms, which is IOS, which is iPhones, all the way from the original to the Iphone5, all the versions of the iPad, the Windows 7 or Windows 8, Google, Android phones, as well as Simbian, which are usually Nokia, and other non-traditional devices.

Mobile application design has a lot to do with being able to design in smaller spaces, and also knowing the user and knowing how they're going to respond to it, as well as knowing what type of capabilities each of the devices have.

So, for instance, if I design Skype for the iPad I, and the iPad I doesn't have a front-facing or back-facing camera, you have to make sure that you have the features that pertain to that device.

So, mobile design really has a lot to do with, again, researching what you're designing for. And then it also has a lot to do with not falling victim to the standard as well. So a lot of designs that you see, that get played or get (________), or get a lot of attention or feedback are those that are fun and don't really fit a traditional mold, and that traditional mold can even be like having just the design look the same as it used to look three years ago in the iPhone. And also being able to make it compelling, make it something that the user wants to continue to go back to because the users attention span has gotten down to about three seconds. You have to be able to capture them upon first opening because there's so many apps out there that your app can simple just be deleted within a minute. So it's important to know what makes a good app and always research and always staying current, and always staying up with the times, always being able to mesh well with the technology that's out there.

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