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How to Pick a Graphic Design School

Learn how to pick a graphic design school from UX mobile and web design consultant Chanelle Henry in this Howcast video.


So you want to go to a design school, but you're just not sure which one that you want to go to. The best bets are always to look at what's out there, who's out there, what type of design are they doing, and what school did they go to.

One of the biggest, like, publications out there is Communications Arts, and every quarter they come out with a design annual, whether it's for photography, whether it's for packaging design, or marketing, or just regular graphic design, they're always highlighting the best of the best at different schools. Some of the schools that usually are featured in there are Temple University Tyler School of Art, which is in Philadelphia, or Miami Ad School, which is in Miami, Florida, or Creative Circus in Atlanta. There's a lot of different schools that are like this. And even some that are outside of the country, and your best bet is to look at these schools, visit them, see what type of work is coming out of them, see what type of work they're doing, see if it matches up with your vision, and even if the community that's there matches up with you.

Art school is not a joke. It is very stressful and it's very strenuous, and you want to make sure that wherever you are, that you're not only learning from the best, but also being around a nurturing environment. And the best way to do that is to always visit, ask a lot of questions, and make sure it lines up with your vision.

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