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How to Find a Graphic Design Job

Learn how to find a graphic design job in this Howcast video featuring UX mobile and web design consultant Chanelle Henry.


So you need to find a job. Maybe you're just out of school, maybe you don't like your job now, or maybe you were a freelancer but you want to have something more permanent, or vise versa. There's so many different types of websites out there that are, and services that are out there to help you find a job. Some of the best ones that I love looking on is Krop. is a website that lists a lot of different jobs throughout the world, actually, from here to Australia. And you can, and it's mainly for creative jobs. Coroflot is another one. They also have a job board, and you can also pop your portfolio up there, as well for other people to come to you after they've looked at your portfolio.

Authentic Jobs is another great one, they actually have an option to look for only telecommute jobs. So maybe there's something that you only want to do remote work. You have that option to be able to put that in there. They also don't just focus on creative, but also management, and app development, back and front end development, as well. Freelance Switch, which is not only just a great place for talking with other freelancers, and making the switch from being a full time employee to a free lancer, but you also can look at freelance jobs that are specifically posted to their site. You do have to pay a fee, I think it's like $8 or $7 a month. But they do have a lot of really great jobs on here that you can find and probably get some really good clients out of.

Some non-traditional ways, also, Creative Hotlist is another one, too, where you can search for jobs as well as talents, and companies that are looking for talent, as well. And the AIGA, which is a really good organization for designers. Dribble is, again, if you can get on there, because it's invitation only, you can also find jobs there as well, and then people are always looking for the greatest talent, so because Dribble is invite only, they usually will go to Dribble to seek out the best talent. Another site is Forrst, F-O-R-R-S-T, which also you can find jobs for as well, and other companies will go to to find talent. Working Not Working is a new website, and what they've done is they've basically gathered the top freelance creative's and helped compile them all together for companies to search for designers that basically want to find work as a freelancer or as a contractor. Which is a really good website, and it's not really saturated, and because it is new, then you have more chances of being recognized or noticed.

The main important things before applying to all these, though, is to make sure that you have a portfolio together. Whether it's a portfolio through Behance, or Krop, or anything other sites that I mentioned, you can also have one on Zerply, which is really good, because you can point, you can post what type of tags refer to the type of work that you do, so when people are searching, you'll not only come up in Zerply, but also in Google search, which is really good for SEO. The biggest one is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is very, very efficient in basically telling people, "Hey, here's who I am, this is what I do, this is what I'm looking for. I'm looking for these jobs." And they also have great jobs as well. And then the jobs that they do have let you know how you're connected to the job poster. So maybe you know someone that knows a job poster, which it makes awesome sense to reach out to them, because of the fact that you now have that connection.

At the end of the day, it's all about your presence on the web. Making sure that you stay updated, stay active in networks, and stay active talking to people and to companies that you admire, so that you're on their radar. And in doing so, you'll get a job quicker than you think.

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