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How to Create a Good Graphic Designer Resume

Learn how to create a good graphic designer resume from UX mobile and web design consultant Chanelle Henry in this Howcast video.


So as a designer, how should your resume look? Should it be a photo of yourself with a couple bullet points of what you do, or should it be that typical, horrible resume that you usually see that's like the template from Word? The answer is neither. It should be a happy medium.

One of the things that you could always do is see what other people are doing out there. Like, what's going to make your resume like stand to the top? Whenever I get resumes in for people that want to be a part of CHD Collective and I get that Word template, it makes me shiver. And I always hate to pre-judge a designer based off of that, but to me, you know, if you're trying to brand yourself then you need to show so accordingly and do that accordingly through your resumes. And make sure that you can show me how creative you can be on one sheet of paper, not three.

So one of the things that I'm showing here is actually a resume that I redid for one of our contractors that basically just has a little bit more life to it and a little bit more icons. This is when infographics really come into play and this is when a lot of agencies and potential employers or potential clients really want to like see how you shine and see what it is that you've done, and what type of personality that you do have.

There's a lot of good resources out there, even if you can't think of one yourself. If you go to, there's a lot of different resume templates. And this is actually one that I got from them and then tweaked it a little bit and changed the color around. And it made the resume pop a lot more.

So the best way to do a resume is to only focus on what's important. Only focus on what's important to the actual job. Tell me why you like doing like what it is that you love doing. Make sure you have a portfolio. Tell me something quirky about you, like maybe you like knitting socks for cats. Like, this is something that you can actually put on your resume. It's not like you're applying for an accounting job, in which they would throw it away for you not being serious. This is, like, being a designer is a chance for you to show yourself in many different ways.

So whatever it is, try to make sure that you don't be boring through the resume. Try to stand out and let your personality shine.

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