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Time Management Tips

Pick up some time management tips from graphic design consultant Chanelle Henry in this Howcast video.


So how does one effectively manage their time. It's something that I know I have a hard time with, and most of the time, I'm always trying out a new technique or a new tool. But one thing that I have realized is that the human body needs to move. So one of the things that I have I guess taken on is the Pomodoro Technique, which is 25 minutes of productivity, 5 minute break; 25 minutes of productivity, 5 minute break. Four cycles of that and then you get a 30 minute break.

Now sometimes I'm really into something, and my hyper-focus is turned on and then, I will literally just be in it for however long it takes. Whether it's two hours, but still making sure that I have timer's that are set. So a timer that I use that's online is Harvest and Harvest is a monthly service that you have to pay for. But the cool part about it is, not only does it track your time on your computer as well as on your mobile device, but you can also, with the time that it does track, you can easily turn into invoices that can be sent to your clients, as well as setup reminders for those clients, so that they'll pay on time.

So you can send a two-day reminder, every two days remind this client that they owe me $1000, or every 15 days. Something else that I use is a site called Egg Timer and you can actually set how much time you need to spend on a particular item, and it's just like the time that you need. Then there's like a big bell that rings that lets you know, "Stop whatever you're doing." A lot of the times, we can get so wrapped up into stuff that we spend so much time. The good thing is to know, "Okay, this shouldn't take me anymore than 25 minutes, so let me do it in 25 minutes."

If you see yourself stalling or going into other things, then you can kind of see where your productivity is basically being attacked. Rescue time is also something that's really good. That lets you know what you're actually spending your time on. So it'll say, "Hey, you're on Facebook for like, two hours. Maybe you might want to cut that out." So there's a lot of really cool tools that help you to, not only keep track of your time, but also to keep track of your anxiety about the time, and help eliminate. Also, then help with focus and concentration to make sure that time management is not only effective, but efficient.

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